Consumers are expecting a sensory impression of their food products. This is determined mainly by the chemical senses of taste and smell. That's the reason why flavours have been added to food for centuries.

Flavours come from all around us. Vegetables, fruits, spices, leaves, trees, etc are used to produce flavours. The flavorist is not only a scientist but also an artist. The secrets lies in the right ingredients to make the right flavour. That is why flavours can be tailor made. There are tons of flavours, too many to be listed. Below you will find the most common flavours for the beverage, confectionary, dairy and destillery industry. If you cannot find your flavour listed, contact us. We will be glad to help you find the right flavour for your need!


Apricot Plum Almond Blackberry
 Pineapple  Anise  Hazelnut  Banana
 Vanilla  Brandy  Cacao  Coffee
 Cinnamon  Cappuccino  Caramel  Cherry
 Chocolate  Coconut  Cola  Cognac
 Raspberry  Red Fruits  Ginger  Gin
 Gooseberry Spearmint  Kiwi  Orange
 Milk  Lime  Lemon  Apple
 Mango Butter   Passionfruit  Honey
 Melon  Mint Blueberry   Strawberry
 Wallnut  Pear  Peach  Pisang
 Pistachio  Porto  Rum  Safari
 Tropical  Tutti Frutti  Vodka  Whiskey

Other Flavours can be produced on clients request.