Ingremate has a wide range of dehydrated vegetables. Our products are dehydrated at the country of origin with the finest techniques available. This guarantees us the best quality and offers a wide selection of products with the best flavours, colours and textures on the market.

Listed below you can find our more common products. Please do contact us if your product is not listed. 


Celery   Cauliflower    Garlic    Pea  
Aipo   couve flor   alho   ervilhas  
Leek   Spinach   Olives   Green Bean  
Alho Francês   Espinafre   azeitona   feijao verde  
Potato   Red beet   Brocoli   Onion  
Batatas   beterraba   Brocolos   cebola  
 Green pepper    Red Pepper    Carrot    Mushroom  
pimento verde   pimento vermelho   cenoura   cougemelos  
 Cabbage    Zucchini    Tomato    Kale  
couve lombarda   courgette   tomate   Couve Branca  
 Squach    Aspargus    
abobora   aspargus3